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Glazing Concepts, Inc. (GCI), founded in 2000, by Tim Lietaert, has grown from a two-man glazing outfit into a corporation with two locations, Corona and Sacramento, and offers our services across California and beyond while employing more than 50 people. The company continues to be guided, as it has been since its beginning, by the core values exhibited by its founder: relationship-building, integrity, and quality service.

GCI supports its major business segment, glazing*, by project management and service. This support, along with operations, is focused on building our company to be our clients’ # 1 choice as we help our clients improve the quality of their buildings.

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* Glazing is a transparent part of a wall, usually made of glass. Glazing also describes the work done by a professional "glazier".  Common types of glazing used in architectural applications include clear and tinted float glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass as well as a variety of coated glasses.  Ordinary clear glass has a slight green tinge but special clear glasses are offered by several manufacturers.  Glazing can be mounted in a window sash or door stile, usually made of wood, aluminum or PVC. The glass or plastic is fixed into a rabbet (rebate) in the frame in a number of ways including triangular glazing points, putty, and caulk. Toughened and laminated glass can be glazed by bolting panes directly to a metal framework by bolts passing through drilled holes.



Glazing Concepts, Inc. exists by building relationships and exceeding industry standards of service.


Glazing Concepts Vision

Glazing Concepts, Inc. strives to provide the best service while building relationships and exceeding industry standards to meet growing client needs while being people of integrity who find and execute solutions. Each associate prides themselves by being communicative, responsive, and taking personal responsibility for making their part in the company a success. Our goal is to be the clients' #1 choice. 



Glazing Concepts is a service oriented team of leaders who add value through teamwork as they service and care for clients. We sustain a culture that allows employees to grow and thrive and each team member is professional as they understand, adapt, and communicate to provide a voice for our clients.